Wedding Planner/Event Decorator Newport News, Virginia

Accredited Event Designer /Decorator; Wedding Planner

“I am a dreamer; always have been. Passionate in the belief everyone has a dream and the ability to achieve them; no dream should be deferred, ever! I have the HPLP gene (helping people live their potential). I am at my best when encouraging others to do what makes them smile. Cheering them, ‘you can do anything, if you just believe.’ Becoming a wedding planner /event decorator is my dream come true.”

Zoe believes her clients are the best. They are vibrant and want a unique event that is anything but ordinary. That extraordinary experience is brought to life in the details. At any event you will find Zoe “in the zone”, with tunnel vision and laser focused on making her clients dreams come true. Pray tell, even if she has to chop off her arm to do it-so to speak.

Zoe is an accredited event designer. Her elegant designs touch the soul and contribute greatly to her client’s unforgettable celebrations. A joy to work with, she consistently creates fabulous event spaces and is quietly earning a reputation as one of the top designers/decorators in Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, Virginia and surrounding areas.

-Never stop dreaming