Sassy, Sexy, Succulents Hottest Floral Trend in 2014

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Hottest Floral Trend in 2014 Sassy, Sexy, Succulents Succulents are the hottest floral trend for 2014. Succulents come in a variety of shapes, textures colors and sizes.  They are very hardy and have so much natural detail they can easily add a sense of style to your event. You will be amazed at [...]

Halloween Decorating Ideas

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HALLOWEEN PARTY DECORATIONS Halloween is a major holiday commercially in the United States, and is growing in popularity in other countries. Halloween parties have grown in popularity as trick or treating has lost favor in major metropolitan areas. Halloween is now the second largest producer of retail sales after Christmas. Wow! The cost of candy [...]

Decorations for wedding, parties and other special events

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Food Presentation When planning the décor for your special event. Don't forget to decorate the buffet or food table. We first feast with our eyes then our taste buds. You can use ordinary items in a different way for a beautiful buffet presentation. It also helps to keep the table looking pretty once hungry guests [...]

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Decor

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When planning your ceremony and reception décor the sky is the limit. Let your imagination soar! Draw pictures and write out every thing you would like it to be. Write down every fantasy and magical moment. Then take into account your budget and start to bring it down from there. NO worries, your budget will [...]