Main Ballroom Vegas Theme

Main Ballroom Vegas Theme

Fort Eustis Club is Worth a Look See

Last Saturday, I decorated another event at this facility. I have to say I really like it there. The staff is really accommodating and the facility is roomy and clean. The event coordinator, Azeb is a real gem. She is really easy to work with, as is the majority of the staff.

They have the ability to hosts several events at a time because of the number of rooms available for rent (price varies on the size of room).

They offer on premise catering and alcohol. The food has been great every time I have tried it. The club is famous for it’s southern fried chicken. However, many offerings are delectable.

Ladies the restrooms are clean, comfortable and modern.

There is plenty of parking. The facility is not hard to find if you know where you are going. So, recon before you need to be there.

One of my favorite features in the main ballroom is the huge dual drop down video screens. I love adding video elements to my designs so this is a huge plus for me. The acoustics in the main ball room is also awesome.

Certainly a good price point, you do NOT have to be a card carrying member of the Department of Defense to utilize.

Definitely worth a look see.

Until next time, this is Zoe, your event decorating genius.

Event Decorating Genius

Event Decorating Genius