I have been meaning to write about this spot since last September. My wonderful husband surprised me with a birthday party at La Tienda by inviting my girlfriends and arranging a private wine tasting! He really set it up nicely. He requested the party take place on the patio; a perfect spot. This outdoor space felt like our own little piece of paradise.

Any way Ms. Charlene, bless her heart, tried to educate eight cackling women about the carefully selected wines as we ate tapas straight from Spain! It didn’t take her long to realize the more we tasted and toasted, it became hell let’s just drink! And the party was on. Oh yeah, there was a musician on site. One of my girlfriends asked him to serenade me with his guitar and he did. Nice touch.

It was a perfect evening. I was so surprised and touched to see a private Chef concocting this huge pan of paella right on the patio; just for me and my friends. By the way paella pans, groceries and other goodies from Spain are available for purchase in the grocer part. Tip: Pick up a bottle of smoked olive oil. I love that stuff!

I am not sure how much this little soiree cost. I don’t know and I don’t even care. All I know is I had a wonderful time and we closed the joint down. In your face girls, I have husband of the year!

This is a great spot for a bridal shower, small private party or just a day out with friends. There is a wine tasting every Saturday; pop in and have a sip. If you are serving wine at a special event go in for some personalized service. They have a large wine selection from Spain and they really know their stuff. You can even select some tasty –NOT run of the mill- appetizers. The decorator in me always sees nice items to decorate with too.

I love to patronize establishments where the staff knows my name and gives EACH customer undivided attention (really). I say, put it on your bucket list and plans to go.
This is one of my favorite honey holes on Jamestown Road in Williamsburg; look for those huge, gorgeous looking wine barrels. My husband and I are just waiting for the weather to break so we can once again sit on the patio and enjoy just a little taste of Spain. In fact, our cousins are visiting us from Greensboro, NC this Easter. I think we will show off a little and take them there for a little wine tasting, tapas and shopping.

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