morrisons flower 3Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to a very lovely lady, Mrs. Arlene Aitken. She took time out of her very busy bridal season schedule to share a few lessons with you. When planning your next event or just looking for something special to cheer up your home, office or someone else use the information below as a guide then see Mrs. Arlene to let the experts do what they do. Meet her virtually below, be sure to visit her web page and  like her on Facebook. Tell her Zoe sent you.. Bon apetit.

Why I love what I do: 

When I entered into the floral business 12 years ago, I knew it was going to be a refreshing change from the 9-5 non-profit world I was leaving.  I thought that designing arrangements and helping clients choose most appropriate flowers would be fun; however, I wasn’t fully prepared for the  gratification I would receive as I provided beautiful flowers, for the most special occasions in people’s lives, including death, birth, special celebrations, and of course, weddings.

Although all events are special, Weddings provide the most creative avenue to express the bride’s taste and distinctive flair.  I love meeting with a bride who brings not a full laid out plan, but an inspiration point, including colors, pictures, stories, and a good idea of her budget.  In these meetings, we brainstorm together, and are able to marry my expertise with her vision and budget and come up with a plan that utilizes these elements, but also uses her ideas and brings to fruition the best of the industry.

A few hints I would give a bride as they choose their flowers for the wedding and plan to meet with their florist:

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  • Know your color and an accent color, unless you are going tone on tone.
  • Have a good idea of how many attendants, boutonnieres, corsages
  • Bring any pictures and inspiration ideas with you
  • Know your style- do you like tight and open flowers, or loose and airy, contemporary?
  • Be aware of your budget- and be honest with your florist about it
  • Have some thoughts on the reception, table centerpieces and approximate number
  • Ask about in-season flowers, and be willing to substitute if needed
  • Lastly, BELIEVE in yourself- Pinterest and The Knot are great sources, but they cannot take the place of the bride’s beautiful vision and creativity. Go for what YOU love!

I’ve seen a large increase of Pinterest boards, and I love them. They give us a great idea of the full scope of the colors and accents. However, I caution each bride that, as beautiful as some of these pictures are, they don’t usually say how much that bouquet costs (and, oh, by the way, the peonies had just come in season and they were glorious!) This can be a bummer, but there is a huge difference in peonies in early April and peonies in May/June. A good florist will guide you to a garden rose or something that will be similar in size and beauty, without discarding your vision.  Lastly, relax and let the experts guide you.  Enjoy this most beautiful time of your life…don’t get bogged down in the details and keeping up with other weddings. It is you and your finance’s special day and nothing else matters.

Arlene Aitken

Event Decorating Genius

Event Decorating Genius

Thanks Mrs. Arlene for sharing with us.  Share your flower story or your experiences with Morrisons Flowers and Gift Jamestown Road Williamsburg VA.

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Until next time, Holla at your girl.